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Trainned has paleontologists, Pierre-Yves Gagnier did a doctoral thesis in 1989, on the origin of the first vertebrates and gnathostomes. He pursued a career as a researcher, in France and in Canada. In 1996, he joined the Natural history museum in Paris conservation team of the collections. As deputy director of the Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, he produces in 1998 the gallery Web site with the support of IBM. In 2000, he took the direction of the Internet program of the Paris Natural history museum. After a term as the director of the department of conservation in the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers he went back to the Natural history museum in Paris, as collections deputy director where he initiated and completed a large program of collections catalogues digitization. He organized a 3D massive digitization program of large vertebrate skeletons in the comparative anatomy and paleontology galleries. Now, acting as delegated to the digital innovation he is developing the sonotheque, new 3D programs, large-scale digitization of collections and automatization programs.