ISTC DWG Meeting Spring 2021

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Joint CETAF ISTC and Digitisation Working Group Meeting, 26 April 2021

The meeting will be held as a video conference. The meeting notes will be created jointly in a Google Doc (link in the VC chat).


Draft agenda

ISTC (10:00 - 12:30 CEST)

10:00 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Anton Güntsch)
10:15 Project updates
GeoCASe 2.0 - The Earth Science Collections Portal (Falko Glöckler)
Botany Pilot (Anton Güntsch) presentation
10:30 Semantic annotation of locality data
- in Meise (Mathias Dillen) presentation
- at BGBM (Dominik Röpert) presentation
10:45 Dynamic map generation as a service : extending OGC-WMS for occurrence maps (Franck Theeten) presentation
11:00 Integration with DiSSCo: What are reasonable first steps? (Wouter Addink) presentation
12:00 IIIF: from experiment to infrastructure (Roger Hyam) presentation
12:15 AOM, next meeting
12:30 End of meeting

Lunch Break (12:30 - 13:15 CEST)

DWG (13:15 - 16:00 CEST)

13:15 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Elspeth Haston)
13:30 DWG Update
MIDS (Elspeth Haston & Alex Hardisty)
CETAF Digitisation Target
14:00 Project updates
- CETAF Registry (Ana Casino) presentation
- OpenDS (Alex Hardisty) presentation
- Specimen Data Refinery (Laurence Livermore)
15:00 Next steps for Digitisation Working Group (Elspeth Haston and ALL)
15:15 CETAF proposal for the Horizon Europe call on developing taxonomic capacity (Ana Casino)
15:45 AOB, next meeting
16:00 End of meeting


File:Minutes ISTC DWG 2021.pdf