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Prior to the meeting we would like to encourage you to revisit or fill for the first time our resource comparison: - Please request access if not accessible.

On April 11, 2016, from 13:00 to 18:00, the afternoon before the main CETAF ISTC meeting, we will hold a NHM-CIO meeting in Bratislava (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava, Slovakia). See also the main page for the ISTC Meeting Spring 2016 Bratislava for further information.

The meeting is primarily intended to exchange leadership experiences and discuss options for cooperation

Attendance (so far, please add your name if yet missing):

  • Gregor Hagedorn, CIO of MfN Berlin
  • Anton Güntsch, CIO of BGBM Berlin
  • Vincent Smith, CIO of NHM London
  • Cathy Emery on behalf of Eric Danon, CIO of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Wilfred Gerritsen on behalf of Jeroen Snijders, CIO of Naturalis
  • Christian Steinwender and Rainer Heimo, NHM Vienna
  • Stuart MCLELLAN, CIO of MNHN, Paris


  • Dagmar Triebel


(Please send you requests for additional topic to gregor.hagedorn at the

  • European initiatives:
    • Update on the Natural History Collections Research Infrastructure (suggested by Jeroen, probably by Vince Smith)
    • New initiative "100/1000 most important (human pathogenic/plant pathogenic/vector/plant use/) species" (from Copenhagen meeting of some NHMs), short overview by Vince Smith
  • Information about new developments at each institution (or country)
    • Germany: DCOLL Common Collections Research Infrastructure Roadmap application submitted Jan 15 2016
  • Potential and experiences in redirecting resources from the management of Office software to research data management through use of cloud services (e.g. gdocs, office 365)
  • Results of the CETAF CIO questionnaire (Gregor Hagedorn)

Potential topics if someone would like to take this up:

  • Funding situation and opportunities, EU eInfrastructure policies
  • Opportunities for striving towards a shared authentication and authorization system
  • Collaboration around the DINA / Specify developments?

CETAF CIO Questionnaire for those who had not answered it in the first round:

(Copy this and fill it directly on this page, or send in by email:)

Type of strategic decisions 1. developing a vision for the overall information strategy of institution including strategic decisions regarding hardware (server, client) purchases, choice of office and back office software, as well as administration of IT services

(Name, email, comments)

2. deciding which scientific information systems to deploy, including collection databases

(Name, email, comments)

3. coordinating information networking, data science activities, and interoperability with international infrastructures?

(Name, email, comments)

4. investments into strategic in-house or collaborative software developments

(Name, email, comments)

5. develop the strategy for long term sustainability of information systems

(Name, email, comments)

6. overview the strategic decisions regarding IT security or certifications according to ISO quality or archival standards

(Name, email, comments)

7. open data open content policy

(Name, email, comments)