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| 11:45 ||  
| 11:45 || Access to digital collections and Digitisation on Demand
| '''12:30''' || Lunch
| '''12:30''' || Lunch

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Joint CETAF Digitisation and ISTC Group Meeting, Bratislava 12 April 2016, 9:00 - 16:00

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together members of the CETAF Digitisation Group and the CETAF Information Science and Technologie Commission in order to align activities and to identify new fields of cooperation. The workshop will follow a meeting of the CETAF CIO group held on the afternoon of April 11.



Institute of Botany, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava, Slovakia
GPS: 48.17289° N, 17.0665° E
Ground floor meeting room
5th floor meeting room - for smaller groups

How to get there
Walk from the bus stop to the Institute of Botany


The Hotel Matyšák is close to the venue and has a direct bus connection. Otherwise, guests are free to choose any hotel in the city.

Shuttles from the airport Vienna

Shuttles leave from platform 4 every 30 minutes. Line is operated by two companies - SlovakLines and Eurolines, alternating on the departure. SlovakLines go to the Bratislava bus station (GPS 48.147056° N, 17.127073°E), Eurolines stop in the city centre (GPS 48.140712° N, 17.104243°E). You can buy tickets from the driver.

Public transportation in Bratislava

Ticket prices: https://imhd.sk/ba/doc/en/14971/Ticket-Price-List-from-TOMORROW-1st-Nov-2015
Tickets are available at the ticket machines or newsstands.


The Institute of Botany will host a joint dinner at Hotel Matyšák on April 11 as well as the catering for the coffee breaks. We will be having lunch at the canteen nearby in the IBM bussiness centre - Westend Gate: menu in English, vegetarian meals (ca. 5€).


  • Anton Güntsch (Berlin, BGBM)
  • Dominik Röpert (Berlin, BGBM)
  • Gregor Hagedorn (Berlin, MfN)
  • Matúš Kempa (Bratislava)
  • Karol Marhold (Bratislava)
  • Jakub Bělka (Prague)
  • Lukáš Bělka (Prague)
  • Katarína Gatialová (Prague)
  • Karsten Gödderz (CETAF)
  • Elspeth Haston (Edinburgh)
  • David Harris (Edinburgh)
  • Simon Chagnoux (Paris)
  • Heimo Rainer (Vienna)
  • Christian Steinwender (Vienna)
  • Jörg Spelda (Munich)
  • Wilfred Gerritsen (Leiden)
  • Cathy Emery (Brussels)
  • Ari Taponen (Helsinki)


9:00 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda
9:15 Report from CIO meeting (Hagedorn)
9:30 Exploitation of CETAF Passports (Güdderz)
9:45 Stable identifier initiative, report and discussion of next steps (Güntsch)
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Collection databasing initiatives - reports and discussion of potential for collaboration
  • Die Herbonauten (Röpert)
  • Herbadrop (Chagnoux)
  • ...
11:45 Access to digital collections and Digitisation on Demand
12:30 Lunch
13:30 The collaboration of the ISTC and Digitisation Working Group in mass digitisation
14:15 The role of the ISTC and Digitisation Working Group in developing the European Roadmap and SYNTHESYS4
15:15 Potential relationships with non CETAF institutes/organisations
15:30 Next meeting(s)
15:45 AOB
16:00 End of meeting