ISTC DWG Meeting Spring 2020 London

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Joint CETAF ISTC and Digitisation Working Group Meeting, 21st April 2020

Please note that the meeting has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus in favour of a teleconference. So please save the date. The agenda will soon be communicated via the email lists of the ISTC and DWG working groups and this wiki page.

Attendance (please add your name)

  • Anton Güntsch (BGBM)
  • Elspeth Haston (RBGE)
  • Dominik Röpert (BGBM)
  • Wouter Addink (Naturalis)
  • Quentin Groom (Meise)
  • Mathias Dillen (Meise)
  • Maarten Trekels (Meise)
  • Pieter Huybrechts (Meise)
  • Stefan Seifert (SNSB)
  • Dagmar Triebel (SNSB)
  • Wiebke Walbaum (SMNS)
  • Sharif Islam (Naturalis)
  • Roger Hyam (RBGE)
  • Heimo Rainer (NHMW)
  • Ari Taponen (Luomus)
  • Patricia Mergen (Meise and RMCA)
  • Agnes Wijers (Cultural Connections)
  • Laurence Livermore (NHM London)
  • Falko Glöckler (MfN Berlin)
  • Matt Woodburn (NHM London)
  • Sarah Phillips (RBGK)
  • Karol Marhold (SAV)
  • Ana Casino (CETAF)
  • Laura Tilley (CETAF)
  • Luc Willense (Naturalis)
  • Jiri Frank (NMP)
  • Patrik Mráz (NMP)
  • Peter Grobe (ZFMK)
  • Björn Quast (ZFMK)
  • Jean-Marc Herpers (RMCA)
  • Franck Theeten (RMCA / RBINS)
  • Henry Engledow (Meise)
  • Rob Turner (Kew)
  • Paul Braun (MnhnL)
  • Anne Koivunen (Luomus)
  • Celia Santos (MNCN-CSIC)
  • Pierre-Yves Gagnier (MNHN Paris)
  • Fredrik Berger (MfN)
  • Rob Cubey (RBGE)
  • Robyn Drinkwater (RBGE)
  • Sally King (RBGE)
  • Sofie De Smedt (Meise)
  • Alex Hardisty (Cardiff University and DiSSCo Technical Team)
  • Marie-Hélène Weech (Kew)
  • Josh Humphries (NHM London)

Draft agenda

DWG (09:30 - 11:30 CEST)

09:30 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Elspeth Haston)
09:45 CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan revisited (Elspeth Haston, Link to CETAF ISTC & DWG Actions & Targets)
10:00 MIDS update (Elspeth Haston & Alex Hardisty, presentation)
10:15 Transcription options and standards update (Quentin Groom, presentation) -
10:30 Imaging best practice update from ICEDIG (Agnes Wijers)
10:45 DiSSCo Synchronisation Group 4: Digitisation update (Laurence Livermore)
11:00 ELViS update (Wouter Addink, presentation)
11:15 AOB, next meetings
11:30 Break for coffee, meeting room will be kept open for people to catch up with each other

Breakout Sessions (11:45 - 12:45 CEST)

11:45 Calculating % CETAF Collections Digitised. This session will run through the process of calculating the percentage of collections digitised in CETAF institutes as part of the CETAF Strategy targets. The discussion will include many of the topics covered in the DWG meeting earlier in the morning.

ISTC (13:30 - 15:30 CEST)

13:30 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Anton Güntsch)
13:45 RDA biodiversity data integration IG & Joint TDWG RDA Taskgroups (Wouter Addink, presentation)
14:00 Brief Reports from Mobilise/Warsaw (All, please prepare short summaries!)
14:15 Data archiving strategies in regard to CETAF facilities and planned DiSSCo services - highlighted by COST Mobilise (Dagmar Triebel, presentation)
14:30 Linked Open (Collection) Data: the Botany Pilot (Dominik Röpert, presentation)
14:45 Unique identifiers for collections (Laura Tilley)
15:00 CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan revisited (Anton Güntsch, see
15:20 AOB, next meetings
15:30 End of meeting