ISTC DWG Meeting Spring 2020 London

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Joint CETAF ISTC and Digitisation Working Group Meeting, 21st April 2020

Please note that the meeting has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus in favour of a teleconference. So please save the date. The agenda will soon be communicated via the email lists of the ISTC and DWG working groups and this wiki page.

Attendance (please add your name)

  • Anton Güntsch (BGBM)
  • Elspeth Haston (RBGE)
  • Dominik Röpert (BGBM)
  • Wouter Addink (Naturalis)
  • Quentin Groom (Meise)
  • Mathias Dillen (Meise)
  • Maarten Trekels (Meise)
  • Pieter Huybrechts (Meise)
  • Dagmar Triebel oder Stefan Seifert (SNSB)
  • Wiebke Walbaum (SMNS)
  • Sharif Islam (Naturalis)
  • Roger Hyam (RBGE)
  • Heimo Rainer (NHMW)
  • Ari Taponen (Luomus)
  • Patricia Mergen (Meise and RMCA)

Draft agenda

DWG (09:30 - 11:30 CEST)

09:30 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Elspeth Haston)
09:45 CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan revisited (Elspeth Haston)
10:00 MIDS update (Elspeth Haston & Alex Hardisty)
10:15 Transcription options and standards update (Quentin Groom) -
10:30 Imaging best practice update from ICEDIG (Agnes Wijers)
10:45 DiSSCo Synchronisation Group 4: Digitisation update (Laurence Livermore)
11:00 ELViS update (Wouter Addink)
11:15 AOB, next meetings
11:30 Break for coffee, meeting room will be kept open for people to catch up with each other

Breakout Sessions (11:45 - 12:45 CEST)

11:45 Breakout sessions We are currently looking into the idea of holding a breakout sessions to enable people to go into a topic in more depth. More information will be posted shortly.

ISTC (13:30 - 15:30 CEST)

13:30 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Anton Güntsch)
13:45 RDA biodiversity data integration IG & Joint TDWG RDA Taskgroups (Wouter Addink)
14:00 Brief Reports from Mobilise/Warsaw (All, please prepare short summaries!)
14:15 Data archiving strategies in relation to CETAF, planned DISSCo services and COST MOBILISE activities (Dagmar Triebel)
14:30 Linked Open (Collection) Data: the Botany Pilot (Dominik Röpert)
14:45 Unique identifiers for collections (Laura Tilley)
15:00 CETAF Strategy and Strategic Development Plan revisited (Anton Güntsch)
15:20 AOB, next meetings
15:30 End of meeting


We will set up a google doc for editing together during the meeting.