ISTC DWG Meeting Spring 2018 Copenhagen

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Joint CETAF ISTC and Digitisation Working Group Meeting, Copenhagen 21-22 February 2018


  • Quentin Groom (Meise)
  • Anton Güntsch (BGBM)
  • Patricia Mergen (RMCA / Meise)
  • Dominik Röpert (BGBM)
  • Wouter Addink (Naturalis)
  • Ana Casino (CETAF)
  • Karsten Gödderz (CETAF)
  • Björn Quast (ZFMK)
  • Falko Glöckler (MfN Berlin)
  • Dagmar Triebel (SNSB)
  • Ingimar Erlingsson (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
  • Elspeth Haston (RBGE)
  • Wilfred Gerritsen (Naturalis)
  • Sarah Phillips (Kew)
  • Dare Talvitie (Finnish Museum of Natural History)
  • Jere Kahanpää (Finnish Museum of Natural History)
  • Jiří Frank (Prague)
  • Martin Soucek (Prague)
  • Jörg Lange (Stuttgart)
  • Simon Chagnoux (Paris)
  • Heimo Rainer (Vienna)
  • Christian Steinwender (Vienna)


February 21

ISTC (13:00 - 17:00)

13:00 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Anton Güntsch)
13:15 Stable IDs - summary of activities in 2017 [discussion of next steps] (Anton Güntsch, presentation)
14:00 The Netherlands Biodiversity API (Wilfred Gerritsen, presentation)
14:30 Die Herbonauten [discussion: collaboration of citizen science platforms in CETAF] (Dominik Röpert, presentation)
14:45 ICEDIG (Quentin Groom, presentation)
15:00 Coffee
15:30 other projects: IndExs - Index of Exsiccatae (Dagmar Triebel, presentation)
15:45 other projects: MORPHYLL: A database of fossil leaves and their morphological traits (Jörg Lange, presentation)
16:00 The CETAF Strategy and Development Plan (2015-2025) [review and discussion, see] (All)
16:30 DiSSCo [alignment of ISTC activities with DiSSCo] (Wouter Addink, presentation)
16:50 EU Opportunities (Patricia Mergen presentation)
17:10 SYNTHESYS+ [Overview of ISTC-related activities] (All)
17:30 AOB and next meeting(s) (All)
17:45 End of (ISTC) meeting

19:00 Dinner
Store Kannikestræde 19
1169 København K

February 22

Digitisation Working Group (9:00 - 13:00)

09:00 Welcome, introduction of participants, and adoption of agenda (Elspeth Haston)
09:15 Review of digitisation based on recent surveys ()
1) Digitisation Resources & Gap Analysis Survey (Elspeth Haston, presentation)
2) SYNTHESYS3 State of Digitisation survey (Sarah Phillips, presentation)
10:15 Digitisation Definition for Collections (All, presentation)
10:30 The CETAF Strategy and Development Plan (2015-2025) [review and discussion, see] (All)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 SYNTHESYS+ continued (All)
12:30 AOB and next meeting(s) (All)
13:00 End of (DWG) meeting


download (pdf)



Natural History Museum of Denmark
Gothersgade 130
DK-1123 Copenhagen


By public transport to Nørreport Station

The venue is in close proximity (ca. 3 minutes walk) to Nørreport Station, the main hub of public transport in Copenhagen. The next crossing is Nørre Voldgade/Gothersgade, with the Botanical Garden's main entrance at the facing corner.

From the airport

The the metro from the airport (Terminal 3) to Nørreport Station (ca. 15 minutes; there are only two metro routes, both will go to Nørreport Station). You will need a ticket valid for three zones (DKK 36.00). For guidance from Nørreport Station. Taxi from the airport to Gothersgade 130 (ca. 25 minutes) will cost about DKK 250.

By train

Many trains will go directly to Nørreport Station. If yours doesn't, take bus **5C** headed for **Husum Torv** or **Herlev Hospital** or S-Train **A** headed for **Farum St.** from Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården) to Nørreport Station. Busses will go roughly every 5 minutes, the S-Train every 10-15 minutes. You will need a ticket valid for two zones (DKK 24.00).

A useful route planner for public transport is:




Hotel Arthur ( ca. DKK 1000/night
Ibsens Hotel ( ca. DKK 850/night
Hotel Christian IV ( ca. DKK 900/night
Hotel Nora ( ca. DKK 900/night

There is good public transport in Copenhagen, and the venue is close to Nørreport Station, so it should be relatively easy to get to the meeting form hotels farther away.