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CETAF Strategy & Strategic Development Plan 2015 - 2025

Focus Area #4 - Biodiversity informatics and information technologies


Action Interpretation Planned activities Products
Moving taxonomy into the digital world
i. Supporting shared database infrastructure and open access policies xx xx xx xx
ii. Making taxonomy data digitally interpretable and retrievable xx xx xx xx
iii. Increasing the use of collection data xx xx xx xx
Ensuring retrievable, connected and interoperable biodiversity data
i. Using commonly agreed ‘stable identifiers’ for the natural history collections xx xx xx xx
ii. Implementing recognised collection metadata descriptions xx xx xx xx
iii. Linking European, national and regional collections of specimens and data (checklists or databases) xx xx xx xx
Disseminating data and data processing standards, thesauri and controlled vocabularies
i. Continuing the development of compatible data standards xx xx xx xx
ii. Adopting and implementing guidelines on standards xx xx xx xx
iii. Collating and distributing interoperable standards for biodiversity data and natural history specimen databasing xx xx xx xx
iv. Establishing and promoting specimen data and database citation standards (source recognition) xx xx xx xx
Safeguarding long-term data storage, curation and longevity
i. Organising the maintenance of a supported system for data storage xx xx xx xx
ii. Adopting processes for orphan databases or digital information xx xx xx xx