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Individual Partner Details

A summary of all individual partners with their institute affiliation.

  • Andreas Allspach (Senckenberg Natural History Museum)
  • Ana Casino (CETAF - Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities)
  • Christophe Coel (CETAF - Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities)
  • Stefan Daume (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
  • Per Ericson (Swedish Museum of Natural History)
  • Jiri Frank (Czech National Museum of Natural History)
  • Lise Goudeseune (CETAF - Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities)
  • Michel Guiraud (French National Natural History Museum)
  • Anton Güntsch (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Dahlem- Berlin)
  • Gregor Hadegorn (Berlin Natural History Museum)
  • David Harris (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)
  • Elspeth Haston (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)
  • Christoph Häuser (Berlin Natural History Museum)
  • Christoph Hörweg (Natural History Museum of Vienna)
  • Jiri Kvacek (National Museum, Prague - Natural History Museum)
  • Michael Malicky (Biology Centre of Upper Austria State Museums)
  • Karol Marhold (Slovak Academy of Sciences - Institute of Botany)
  • Jean Mariaux (Geneva Consortium - Natural History Museum of the City of Geneva)
  • Fridtjof Mehlum (Natural History Museum - University of Oslo)
  • Patricia Mergen (Royal Museum for Central Africa)
  • Alan Paton (Royal Botanic Garden, Kew)
  • Sarah Phillips (Royal Botanic Garden, Kew)
  • Michelle Price (Geneva Consortium - Conservatory and Botanic Gardens of the City of Geneva)
  • Heimo Rainer (Natural History Museum of Vienna)
  • Eirik Rindal (Natural History Museum - University of Oslo)
  • Dominik Röpert (Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem)
  • Ari Taponen (Finnish Museum of Natural History - LUOMUS)
  • Ernst Vitek (Natural History Museum of Vienna)

Partners' Institute Information

A listing of partner institutes with a summary of their digitisation status.

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE)

  • Website:
  • Digitisation website (if applicable):
  • Main contact for digitisation: Elspeth Haston
  • Digitisation interests:
  • Licenses applied:
  • Crowdsourcing platforms with institute’s specimens:
  • Herbaria@Home
  • Percentage of collections databased: 27%
  • Percentage of collections imaged: 11%